Tentative Shutdown Agreement Reached

NIGA Member Tribes

Chairman Ernest L. Stevens Jr.
Jason C. Giles, Executive Director
Danielle Her Many Horses, Deputy Executive Director/General Counsel

Tentative Shutdown Agreement Reached
January 25th, 2019

Today, Congress and the President reached an agreement to end the current Federal Government Shutdown and open the Government for three (3) weeks. This agreement expires on February 15thand hopefully a year-long solution can be reached by this date.
National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Chairman Ernie Stevens Jr., released a video and press release yesterday, urging the President and Congress to re-open the Government and return federal workers to their posts. While opening the Government for three weeks is not the permanent solution anyone sought for, it does allow hard-working Federal, and Tribal Government employees, whose salary is tied to the federal budget, to be paid and return to work.
NIGA will continue to monitor Congress' deliberations in the coming weeks, particularly as they debate the funding levels for the Department of Interior (DOI) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Congress and the President must come to an agreement on the full Fiscal Year 2019 Budget so our Tribal Nations have the security that the Federal Trust responsibility to Tribes will be fulfilled.
During these three weeks, NIGA is urging its members to remain alert and continue to write your Congressional delegation about the Shutdown's continued impact on your Tribe. Indian Country simply cannot afford to be in the same position three weeks from now, facing fiscal uncertainty for the remainder of the year.
In the following weeks, there are important Tribal Meetings and Conferences. On February 26thand 27th, NIGA will be hosting our Winter Legislative Summit at the Stanley Crooks Tribal Leader Center, to engage tribal leaders about the current legislative landscape.
NIGA will continue to keep you updated over these coming weeks, regarding a long-term budget agreement. We hope to see you next month in D.C. for our Winter Legislative Summit, so Indian Country can start to implement its legislative priorities with the new 116thCongress.