Sport Betting Notice

On May 14, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which opens up the Sports Betting Market to Indian Gaming.  Of course, each Tribal Nation must determine for themselves what the risks and benefits are and decide accordingly.  NIGA will continue to serve as an information gathering and information sharing resource for our Member Tribes.

Federal Legislative Focus

In our advocacy role; NIGA will continue to monitor the Federal Legislative landscape and advocate to ensure that our Sports Betting Resolution principles are adhered to.  These include:

  • Tribes have governmental authority to regulate gaming
  • Sports Betting revenues will not be subject to taxation for Tribal Governments
  • Customers access for Tribes is permissible where Sports Betting is legal
  • Tribal rights under IGRA and Gaming Compacts are protected
  • IGRA will not be opened up for amendments
  • Tribal Governments receive a positive economic benefit in any federal Sports Betting legalization proposals
  • Indian Tribes have the right to opt in to a federal regulatory scheme to ensure access to broad-based markets
  • Integrity and protection of the game and patron protections are of high importance
  • Any consideration of Mobile, on-line or internet gaming must also adhere to these principles

Currently, there are no federal legislative proposals. Congressman Pallone (NJ) is expected to withdraw his long proposed bill as New Jersey will have sports betting shortly.  The NFL has approached Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to introduce legislation that will provide for Federal Regulation of sports betting. There is no timeline on when Senator Hatch will introduce that legislation and he is retiring this November. 


Information Clearinghouse

With the focus now changing to State Legislatures and Tribal Governments, NIGA will gather Tribal Gaming information on a Regional and State basis through Tribal Gaming Regional Associations, State Tribal Associations and/or NIGA Tribal Government members.  Please watch for an Assessment Tool that will be issued in the next couple of weeks.  We are hoping that all of our member Tribes will participate so we can provide you with a comprehensive report that your Tribe can use in assessing your approach to Sports Betting.


State Legislative Analysis

NIGA will review and analyze legislative proposals in the states.  Tribes must consider how they can work with their State Government to make Sports Betting a viable economic and regulated activity for Tribal Government Gaming. Within each state, there are numerous factors to consider, the most important being the terms of your State-Tribal Compact. 


Maintaining a seat at the table with all Stakeholders 

We will continue to monitor and participate in the AGA Sports Betting Task Force and provide quarterly reports to the NIGA Board of Directors and seek guidance on policy and strategy efforts that will impact Tribal Government Gaming.   Participation of other Stakeholders will also be tracked and guidance will be sought from the NIGA Board with regard to any strategic efforts that should be given consideration.  



With our strong emphasis on maintaining integrity and the protection of our industry, we will continue to work along side the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners & Regulators and the Tribal Alliance as they move forward with the development of minimum internal controls and technical standards for Sports Betting in Indian Gaming.  Our regulatory partners will ensure that we are exercising our jurisdictional authority and rights to govern gaming in our territories. 


Media Relations 

NIGA will also continue its media relations efforts in order to educate the public and other stakeholders about Tribal Government Gaming and its positive economic and social impacts as well as our many years of success with emphasis on our regulatory capabilities.  We will also ensure that Tribal Government Gaming's voice is heard.



With the Supreme Court Ruling striking down the constitutionality of PASPA in its entirety and the opportunity for Sports Betting for Tribal Governments on the horizon; our work has just begun.  As you can see, the recent decision requires us to be diligent in our efforts to maintain our seat at the table and ensure that Tribal Government Gaming is not only heard, but is also considered in a meaningful way as the overall Gaming Industry moves forward with Sports Betting. We will need our Member Tribes, Regional Associations and State Associations to assist us in our information gathering efforts. 


Appendix A

            States with Sports Betting Legislation

Appendix B

            North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries Statement

Appendix C

            New York Times article, "Indian Tribes Dig In to Gain Their Share of Sports Betting"



An Indian Gaming 2018 Tradeshow Message

Over 70 hours of learning to be presented at Indian Gaming 2018 with our Workshop Sessions!

Happy April!

Indian Gaming 2018 is just around the corner, and we are excited to be presenting a four-day event that promises to bring an extensive agenda celebrating our Indian gaming industry and the advancement of tribal communities and beyond. 

On April 17-20, 2018, our Indian gaming industry will converge upon the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and once again the Indian Gaming 2018 lineup of events includes over 70 hours of learning presented by top leaders in the gaming industry in our pre-conference and conference and gaming commissioner certification sessions. Here is a highlight of what you can look forward to in our expansive workshop sessions.

On Wednesday, April 18, we present a full day of sessions structured around the many of our hot topics in our industry.  In our Casino Operations track, session topics include, "New Techniques in Slot Analytics: From Artificial Intelligence to Big Data," "Regulating Your Relationship: Gaming Commissions and Casino Operations," "Taking Command: Tribal Leadership in Casino Management," "Meet the Gatekeepers of Entertainment: How to Write a Better Offer & Be More  Competitive," "Yield Management: Theory and Practice," "More Bang for Your Buck...Luxury on a Budget" and "Title 31/AML: Enforcement Actions, Marijuana Considerations, and Due Diligence Procedures."

Our Emerging Gaming track will present the following discussions, "Mobile On-Premise Gaming 101: A Game Changer, "Tribal iGaming:  It's Already Happening," "Sports Betting in Tribal Country: An Operations Perspective," "ESports: Beyond the Hype.  What are the Real Opportunities?" "Innovation in Skill Gaming: Where We're at and Where It's Going' and "Innovation in the Consumer Age."

The Enterprise Track of sessions will include, "Strategic Planning: A New Vision for Tribal Economy," "The Biggest Trends in Tribal Gaming Resorts: Turning Challenges into Opportunities through Strategic Integration and Positioning," "Implementing Effective Diversification Due Diligence Strategies in New Gaming and Hospitality Markets," "You've Got Gas," "Master Planning & Development: Driving Diversified & Integrating Guest Expectation, "Creating Diverse Economic Opportunity and Growth Through Investing in Startup Companies" and "The Business & Politics of Cannabis: A Tribal P.O.V."

Our Finance track will focus on the following topics of discussion, "Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Compliance, and Auditing Concepts for Tribal Gaming Commissioners," "Going Paperless with Back Office Accounting with Cloud-Based," "Internal Audit Best Practices: Class II and Class III MICS," "Tribal Leadership: Concepts on Fiscal Responsibilities and Tips for Board Level Reporting," "Accounting for Complimentary Items, Promotions, and Free Play" and "Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: Information Session."

The Gaming Technology Track includes, "Emerging Cybersecurity Threats to Casino Operations," "Class II Technical Standards on Grandfathering: How Do You Comply?" "Behavioral Analytics - The Path to Personalization," "Why Class II is Important to Your Game Mix in Your Casino" and "Successful Development in a Maturing Gaming Market."

We will look at Legislative/Policy issues, with sessions entitled, "The 2018 Farm Bill: The Importance of Food Sovereignty to Indian Country," "What's New in Indian Gaming? A Review of Litigation, Legislation, and DOI Initiative," "Indian Gaming Regulatory Act at 30: The Future of Lands Eligible for Gaming Compacts and Indian Gaming," "The Modern Politics of Indian Gaming: Tribes V. States," "Best Practices in Tribal Governance for a New Generation," "The Department of Justice Under President Trump: Cannabis and Other Priorities Impacting Indian Country," "Land into Trust for Gaming Under the Trump Administration" and "Alan Meister: The Economic Impact of Indian Gaming on Tribes & Surrounding Communities."

The Management & Development sessions include "How to Be a Leader in these Uncertain Times," "Labor and Benefits in Tribal Casinos: Critical Tools and Opportunities to Save Money," "Best Practices and Hot Topics in Human Resources," "Increase Performance by Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce," "Exciting STEM Initiatives to Develop Tribal Workforces for the Future," and "A CEO Perspective on Enterprise Leadership and Transformation."

In our Marketing track topics include, "Promoting, Marketing and Leveraging Tribal Causes and Casino Charities," "Branding, Loyalty Programs, and Customer Retention," "Why Your Profitability Depends on Aggregating Your Data to Understand the True Worth of a Player," "Hidden Marketing Costs," "Success with Marketing Analytics: An Operator's Perspective," and "How to Transition Your Direct Mail Program to Digital."   

The National Indian Gaming Commission track will cover the following sessions, "National Guidance on the Issues, "Internal Audit 2.0," "The Requirement of IGRA & the Pitfalls of Non-Compliance," "Game Performance," and "Gamesmanship 3.0," 543.8 Bingo Toolkit."

Our Regulation and Compliance sessions will cover such topics as, "Applying Investigative and Background Screenings Resources to Thoroughly Screen Today's Trends," "Compliance: Removing the Good vs. Evil from Gaming Regulation," "Know Your Customer - Title 31 Compliance," "Licensing: Past, Present, & Future," "Big Idea: Small Budget," and "Internal Audit Best Practices 2018 - Beyond the Checklists."

Security & Surveillance sessions include, "Employee Theft in the Gaming industry: Schemes, Red Flags, and Prevention," "Anti-Money Laundering for Investigator, Surveillance, and Security

See Legislative & Policy Track," "Report Writing: What Regulators Need to Know," "Remote Access Monitoring into Your Network," and "Protecting Tribal Data in the Age of the Data Breach."

The Tribal Gaming Protection Network workshop session will include, "Hearings & Appeals: What a Regulator Should Know, "Active Shooter: Perspectives from Casino Operations and Gaming Commissions," "Human Trafficking Part 1: Hidden in Plain Sight. What to Look for?" "Social Trends in Licensing," and "Human Trafficking Part 2: Hidden in Plain Sight. What to Do?" "Body Language on the Gaming Floor and How to Look for Red Flags."

Our Women in Tribal Gaming sessions topics will focus on "Protecting Our Human Capital, Our Sisters - A Talking Circle," "The Value of a Mentor/Mentee Program," Strategic Solutions from the Pros," "Female Leadership in Tribal Gaming. Where are They and Why are They Missing?" "Women in Charge: Driving Progress. Reshaping the Future," and "Paulette Jordan: Empowerment Through Perseverance."

For more information and details on the Conference Sessions, Times, 

 Speakers & Descriptions -

Click Here!

With 60 sessions from experts across the industry, the 2018 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention is a learning experience you can't afford to miss!  It's shaping up to be a great show, and we know you're going to be busy.

Make sure to be a part!
See you in Las Vegas!

NIGA Sports Betting Working Group Session - March 28th!

Regional Educational and
Information Gathering Session
Washington, D.C.

Who Should Attend?


  • Elected Tribal Leaders
  • Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators
  • Tribal Gaming Operations/Management Personnel
  • Professional Experts (Lawyers/Lobbyists/Consultants)

Why You Should Attend?

Learn more about the current debate on Sports Betting and its possible impacts in Indian Gaming. With this overview you can take this discussion back to your Tribal Government and/or regional association to further define your Tribes next steps in this important discussion. NIGA is also interested in learning from its member Tribes elected Leadership what your thoughts are with regard to how Indian Gaming moves ahead as a segment of the gaming industry in the current debate.  

When: Wednesday, March 28
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where: Stanley Crooks Tribal Leaders Conference Center
224 Second Street SE
Washington, DC. 20003

Click Here to Register!

On the Agenda – Click here to download Agenda!

  • Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act – What it is?
  • Potential Supreme Court Decision Outcomes
  • Partial/Full/Nothing
  • Stakeholders
  • Economics/Operations
  • Regulation
  • Core Principles
  • Regional Next Steps
  •  Timeline for Indian Gaming and other Stakeholders
  • Q&A Tribal Leaders Discussion

For More Information Call:
Debbie Thundercloud, Chief of Staff
(920) 857-3727

Indian Gaming 2018! Let the Countdown Begin!

An Indian Gaming 2018 Tradeshow Message
Ernie Stevens, Jr.
National Indian Gaming Association


Let the Countdown Begin!
Countdown to Indian Gaming 2018!

We are less than one month away from presenting our Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 17 - 20th at the beautiful Las Vegas Convention Center.  We are excited to be in Las Vegas for the first time and believe this will provide a unique opportunity for tribal and corporate gaming to come together.

Entering its 33rd year, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention has without a doubt established itself as the premier event for the Indian Gaming industry, once again we will have a lot to offer over the three-day gathering.  

Indian Gaming 2018 promises to both be the meeting place where the gaming community gathers to learn, network and exchange industry-specific ideas and will be a showcase and success of cultural celebration, success, strength, and self-reliance and will include emerging, innovative and thought-provoking strategies geared toward growth in casino revenue and insight needed to navigate the gaming industry landscape.

We are proud to be able to host a forum for our members and the entire industry to come together to learn and connect - all with the goal of celebrating our great industry.  Our lineup of events includes over 70 hours of learning presented by top leaders in the gaming industry in our pre-conference and conference and gaming commissioner certification sessions.  We will host two days of exhibits on our large tradeshow floor, kicked off by our spectacular tradeshow ribbon-cutting event, three golf tournaments, the Chairman's Welcome Reception, the Chairman's Luncheon, our Cultural event and hours of special events and networking. Also included in our 2018 line-up is our Native Strong Comedy slam, Charity Slot Tournament to benefit the Spirit of Sovereignty and don't forget our cash drawings on the tradeshow floor.

With so much planned, from education to exhibits to special events, there will be endless opportunities to network with your peers and leaders in the industry. It's shaping up to be a great show, and we know you're going to be busy. Let the countdown begin!  

Make sure to be a part!  

See you in Las Vegas!

 Click Here to Register!

International Gaming Community Invitation

Dear International Gaming Community,

$31.2bn is the revenue that tribal gaming generated in 2016. This figure represents almost half of the entire US gaming revenue – a market opportunity often omitted by the global gaming industry.

Please join us at ICE Totally Gaming to hear our story during the Tribal Exchange seminar on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at ExCeL in London. Click here for more details.

For over 25 years Native American tribes have been successfully operating gaming. Building on this success, we are now expanding internationally and looking for opportunities outside of the USA; investing in new technologies, verticals and products; and renovating our properties to appeal to new customer segments.

We welcome partnerships with the international community willing to understand our unique requirements and history.

The Tribal Exchange seminar, put in cooperation with and Victor Strategies, has been a fixture at ICE since 2012 and we hope you will join us this year to listen to:

  • Geoff Freeman, President and CEO, American Gaming Association
  • Mark Frissora, President, Caesars Entertainment
  • Marco Sala, President and CEO, IGT
  • Edith Atwood, President, Pechanga Development Corp
  • And many others…

Please visit the ICE Totally Gaming website for full details.

I hope to see you there to talk about the opportunities in front of us.


Ernie Stevens Jr.]
National Indian Gaming Association

Join Us for a Special Screening of Hostiles

The National Indian Gaming Association invites you to join us for a special screening of Scott Cooper’s (Black Mass, Crazy Heart) new film.

a period drama based in the untamed west, starring (Christian Bale) as a 19th-century Army Captain tasked with escorting a dying Cheyenne chief (Wes Studi) through hostile territory to his sacred lands in Montana. Together they battle against a punishing landscape and the brutality of men alike, coming to the rescue of a young widow (Rosamund Pike). Once rivals, these two great warriors learn to trust each other and find peace and forgiveness.

An epic journey of survival, HOSTILES becomes a story not simply about the battles fought, but the human experiences on the road towards respect, reconciliation and forgiveness.

To preview the Hostile Movie Trailer - Click Here!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
7:00 pm
Reception & Red Carpet Event from 6:00pm to 7:00pm
The U.S. Navy Memorial
701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004
Click Here to RSVP

National Indian Gaming Association Roundtable Discussion

The National Indian Gaming Association invites you to attend a Roundtable Discussion for Tribal Regulatory Personnel regarding Technical Standards for Internet & Skill-based Gaming.

December 12, 2017
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
1721 W Canal Street
Milwaukee WI 53233

Hotel Reservations
Call: 844-217-4100
Use code FCPGC121217 to get a special rate

To RSVP - Click Here!

The purpose of the Roundtable is to discuss a draft of internet skill-based gaming technical standards. The importance of internet, skill-based gaming standards is becoming an increasingly hotter topic in the gaming industry as we prepare to engage a new age of customers. We will seek out ideas for making the standards the most relevant and innovative in the industry and explore ideas for continuing this work as the gaming industry moves forward.

“Millennials frantically seek interactive and competition-oriented experiences over the solitude of a slot machine. Consequently, games must be reformed into products that allow players to co-create the experience. Skill-based game manufacturers are developing products that are inspired by the arcade and social gaming industry. They are combining the graphics and popularity of arcade games, along with the skill and competitiveness of eSports to create products that will attract Millennials to the gaming floor,” Kenneth George, Jr., Forest County Potawatomi Gaming Commission Chairman.

Please join us in preparing Indian Gaming for the future.  It is our responsibility to prepare for the regulation of games that are on the horizon. As always, we are looking to secure Indian Gaming for the Generations ahead!

December 5, 2017 Tribal Leaders Meeting

Dear NIGA Members:

We will be hosting 115th Congress 1st Session Wrap-up Meeting at the Stanley R. Crooks Tribal Leaders Center in Washington, DC.

Date:             Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Time:             9:00-4:00p.m. EDT                    
Location:       NIGA Headquarters, 224 2nd St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Topics to be covered include: Land into Trust, Sports Betting, Economic Development and the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act.

Hotel Accommodations are being held at the Holiday Inn Capitol (550 C Street, SW Washington, DC 20024) for National Indian Gaming Association for check-in beginningMonday, December 4, 2017, check-out Wednesday, December 6, 2018. Rate is $219.00 per night.  Please note, this rate does not include 14.8% DC tax.  You may begin booking reservations directly on line by clicking on the weblink below. You may also make reservations by calling 1 877-572-6951 and referencing group name and booking code G8M.  Credit card information is needed at time of reservation.  Individual cancellation policy is 72 hours prior to date of arrival to avoid one night's room plus tax cancellation charge on credit card provided. Please call 1-877-572-6951 and reference your confirmation number. Please obtain a cancellation number when cancelling a reservation. Deadline date to make reservation is today. Reservation requests received after the deadline date will be subject to availability and prevailing rate.

NIGA December

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Her Many Horses,, or (202) 548-3819. 

NIGA Statement on Las Vegas Shooting

October 02, 2017


Las Vegas, NV - October 2, 2017 - The National Indian Gaming Association sends its condolences to those families who lost loved ones and those who were injured in last night's heinous act.  As many of us in the Gaming Industry converge on Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), we send out our thoughts and prayers to the innocent victims and families affected by this tragedy.

Sadly, as the day has proceeded, we are being made aware of those who have been afflicted.  We were informed that one of our Tribal individuals who attended the concert last night was shot and injured.  We are told that she went into surgery last night and is recovering today.

Throughout this unfathomable event, we have seen firsthand the outstanding work by Law Enforcement and all of the emergency personnel who have come together to assist those affected.  The immediate response of the elected officials and the health care professionals who are still caring for patients is impressive and shows the strength of a community who can overcome a disaster such as this.  We send a special appreciation for our Indian gaming network that took an unofficial count and insured the security of our team so we could reassure our families from across the country of our safety.

Our partners at the American Gaming Association and Reed Expositions have assured us that our safety is of primary concern and we can count on them to continue to monitor this situation as we spend the next few days here to move our industry forward.

Indian Country stands together in mourning the losses of innocent victims and is praying for those who sustained injuries as a result of the unconscionable acts that occurred last night.  May the Creator surround those loved ones left behind and those who will be caring for the wounded.  All of our hearts and spirits have been touched beyond measure by this unfortunate situation.

We encourage you to go to the GoFundMe campaign at - Las Vegas Victims' Fund that has been set up for the victims of the Las Vegas tragedy.  Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the tragedy.

NIGA Honors 2017 John Kieffer Sovereignty Award Recipients at NIGA MidYear Conference

John Warren, Chairman of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and David Z. Bean, Councilmember of the Puyallup Tribes, and Acting Vice Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association join the NIGA Board and dignitaries after being presented with the prestigious John Kieffer Sovereignty Award at the 2017 NIGA Mid-Year Conference and Expo.

Phoenix, AZ - September 20, 2017 - The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) honored John Warren, Chairman of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and David Z. Bean, Councilmember of the Puyallup Tribes, and Acting Vice Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association with the prestigious John Kieffer Sovereignty Award at the 2017 NIGA Mid-Year Conference and Expo.

Hosted at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Casino on the Gila River Indian Community, the John Kieffer Sovereignty Award was presented to Warren and Bean during the Sovereignty Banquet that is held each year during the NIGA Mid-Year Conference. 

Named in honor of the late John Kieffer of the Spokane tribe, recipients of this prestigious award are chosen based on their embodiment of NIGA's mission and purpose. Kieffer was a dedicated member of the NIGA Executive Committee and advocate for Indian self-determination and tribal sovereignty.

Chairman Stevens reflected on the late John Kieffer, "So many great things have happened in Indian country, but we still have a lot of work to do. There are so many tribes that need us.  That's why we need more people like the late John Kieffer.  He was a worker, who worked hard morning, noon and night.  He worked hard for his people, his family and he worked hard for Indian country. We memorialize him and celebrate the memory of his life."  

Spokane Tribal Council Members Greg Abrahamson and Danny Kieffer, the son of John Kieffer spoke about Kieffer's life, his determination and his service to Indian country. Danny Kieffer thanked the NIGA for keeping his father's memory alive. It is an honor for my family. He continued, "It was hard to fill in where my Dad left off, and working with his friends, who have taken me under their wings have made it possible.  It is a dream come true for me to follow in his leadership service."

Chairman Stevens presented the first of the Kieffer awards to Chairman John Warren. Upon accepting the award, Warren said "I am so humbled because I have always looked up to the leaders who have received this award.  I am so grateful to be here. This recognition does not go to my tribe alone or me.   You know as Indian people; we do everything as a team.  If you stand alone as a tribe you do not get anywhere, nothing happens.  To me, this award is about the greatness of our leadership in Indian country."

Warren served as a member-at-large on Council from 2006-2011, and as Council Treasurer since 2011 - a position he resigned from before the official swearing-in ceremony, as Chairman.

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, the new chairman has served in a variety of capacities with the Pokagon Band through most of his adult life. While on Council prior to federal recognition, he worked with Notre Dame's Law School to create the first draft application that led to the reaffirmation of the Band's sovereignty in 1994. As Treasurer, he directed the implementation of quarterly financial reviews, key performance indicators, and financial policies and procedures for the developing Tribal Government.

Culturally, Warren has traveled the U.S. and Canada educating others about the Pokagon Band and Potawatomi culture. He is a traditional dancer and a singer and drummer with the Ribbon Town Singers.

Chairman Stevens then presented the John Kieffer Award to Puyallup Councilman David Z. Bean, who recognized the women in his life who were instrumental in supporting him and paving his way.

"It is very humbling, and I am honored to receive this award. I would not be the man I am today without many strong Indian Women in my life, starting with my Mom, Gloria Iyetel Bean, and my wife Kellie, my sisters and my many aunties in our community."

Bean shared with the audience a powerful message his wife Kellie shared with him two-years ago on his birthday about the teachings she received from Bean's late mother in support of him in his role of tribal leadership. Kellie told Bean, "Your mother prepared me for this time." Bean's said his mother told his wife, "She raised me to be a leader, and I was going to be a council member for Puyallup."  

He added, my mother also mentored Kelly as to what to expect in the long days, long hours and the attacks that would come.  Bean said, "She also told Kelly what she needed to do to put me back together to send me back out to the community to take care of our people."  Bean concluded, "I am eternally grateful for those lessons of support and that my wife shared this with me. It was a very powerful gift.  I am here tonight because of the powerful woman in my life."

David Z. Bean is presently serving his fourth term as an elected member of the Puyallup Tribal Council, the Governing body of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. The NIGA Board voted him in last spring when the seat of Vice Chair was vacated.  Bean is the Northwest Delegate for the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). Bean is the Co-Chair of the Gaming Committee for the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI). Bean works tirelessly with Puyallup Tribal Staff and NW Tribal Leaders in the areas of Public Safety, Health Care, Education, Natural Resources Protection and Gaming.

As a leader in his own Tribal Community, Bean relies on the teachings of his mother, Gloria Bean, his elders and his education from the University of Puget Sound to guide him in preserving, supporting and protecting the Constitution and bylaws of the Puyallup Tribe and the Constitution of the United States.

Bean is an active member in his community spending much of his time with Elders and Youth of the Puyallup tribe. He regularly participates in cultural activities by drumming, singing and dancing with children throughout the community as well as within the NW Canoe Society. Bean promotes healthy, positive, and structured lifestyles for members of his community as well as strives to be a strong role model in promoting education.

As a child, Bean fished in his traditional waters with his parents. He continues that tradition today by participating in his tribal fisheries as a diver harvesting Geoducks. Before serving on Tribal Council, Bean worked in the private sector as a small business owner/operator for six years.

This year, Warren and Bean joined the ranks of past recipients of this honor including Kevin Brown, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribe of New York, and Melanie Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe; Kurt Blue Dog of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community; Tracy Burris of the Chickasaw Nation; Chairman Mark Brown of the Mohegan Tribe; Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; and Anthony R. Pico, former chairman of the Viejas Band of Mission Indians, just to name a few.

Clarification On Recent Media Reports Regarding NIGA’s Participation In The Sports Betting Coalition





NIGA Member Tribes

Chairman Ernest L. Stevens, Jr.

Clarification On Recent Media Reports Regarding NIGA’s Participation In The Sports Betting Coalition

August 3rd, 2017

At our most recent NIGA Board Meeting on July 17, 2017, the Board voted to join the AGA’s Coalition on Sports Betting.  By joining this coalition, the Board’s stated intent was to enhance Indian Country’s seat at the table on this important issue.

Various media organizations mischaracterized NIGA’s participation in the coalition as supporting the legalization of sports betting.  I want to clarify that the NIGA Board has not taken a position on the issue of sports betting legalization.  We realize that legalizing any new form of gaming, at any level of government, impacts our Tribal gaming industry’s economic interests. NIGA also realizes that as a national organization, taking a position on a particular form of gaming requires input from all of our Member Tribes.  These types of gaming issues raise provincial concerns unique to each and every tribal government engaged in gaming.  One of the key tenets of NIGA’s decision making under my Chairmanship is an emphasis on consensus building, if not complete unity, on gaming issues.  Despite media mischaracterizations, I was clear in my statement on NIGA’s joining the sports betting coalition.  To emphasize, I stated that “Of chief concern to NIGA is to ensure that tribal interests are protected, particularly avoidance of negative impacts on existing tribal-state compacts and exclusivity clauses, and to ensure that if a new form of gambling is legalized in the United States—that tribal governments be provided an equal opportunity to participate in and regulate the new industry.”

The potential of Sports betting legalization will be a main topic at NIGA’s Mid-Year Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, September 19-21, at the Renaissance Hotel.  The State of New Jersey’s lawsuit against the U.S. and the legality of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 will be heard by the Supreme Court possibly late this year, with a decision sometime in 2018.  At the same time, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) has released draft legislation that would repeal PAPSA and allow States and Indian tribes to determine if sports betting should be legal in their jurisdictions.  Congressman Pallone and his staff thoroughly engaged NIGA on this issue prior to releasing their draft legislation and are still open to input from Indian Country.

These developments will be discussed thoroughly at our Mid-Year.  The NIGA Board is scheduled to meet and will once again discuss the sports betting issue.  The Board will receive input from our Regional Board representatives about their views on the debate on the legalization of Sports Betting.  Further, there will be several panel discussions and tribal leader discussions during the Mid-Year Membership meeting and conference.

We hope you can join us in September for these important discussions and we look forward to Indian Country’s input on this important gaming issue.

National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) is seeking support from Tribal Leaders and Indian Country

Dear Tribal Leader,

The National Indian Council on Aging, Inc. (NICOA) is asking you to invest in our distinguished mission - to advocate for improved comprehensive health, social services and economic wellbeing of American Indian and Alaska Native Elders (AI/ANs). NICOA was founded in 1976 by the National Tribal Chairman's Association, led by the honorable late Wendell Chino, Chairman of the Mescalero Apache Tribe.

Our most treasured resources, American Indian and Alaska Native Elders reside in various locations across the country and represent the immense diversity of the 567 federally recognized tribes. Many of our Elders live on and off Indian lands. The U.S. Census reports that we have an estimated 380,000 Elders age 55 and older. There are needs across the country for aging services and supports for Elders, especially in the remote areas of the country that are the hardest to reach. Elders in the urban and rural lands are seldom provided culturally appropriate support and resources.

NICOA is working to provide Aging Network, services providers, and policy makers with essential information about the service needs of AI/AN Elders across the country through the following initiatives:

·     NICOA is the sponsor of the only National American Indian and Alaskan Native Conference on Aging in the nation. This conference serves as the forum for our Elders to speak and VOICE their concerns to Tribal, State and National leaders. Federal Agency Administrators are also invited to listen and to learn about how to improve access to aging services for AI/AN Elders.
·     The next NICOA conference will he held September 11-14, 2018 in Temecula, CA, celebrating our 22nd Biennial Conference. We expect up to 1,500 Elders to attend. Your Elders will soon be notified of this special upcoming event.
·     NICOA is a member of the National Consortium on Aging Resources for Elders' Equity, a grant funded project through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). As part of the project plan, NICOA is creating an online Elder resource directory of aging services called Tribal Footprints which will include all 567 federally recognized Tribes across the country.

This project will fuel our goal to serve as a National Resource and Information Center on AI/AN Aging. Your help will make this happen. Elders need our help to navigate resources and services, because healthy Elders are happy Elders.

NICOA is grant funded for much of our work, but for us to effectively advocate on behalf of our Elders, we must truly understand their needs by meeting with them directly. We are working with the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) to support our collective work through their Elder Subcommittee and to ensure that NCAI is aware of the needs of our Elders across Indian Country.

We respectfully ask for your donation to the National Indian Council on Aging, Inc. Help us to grow and nourish our ability to advocate for improved services and supports for our Elders.

contact us for a donation form, for your investment in the health, security, and wellbeing of Elders. Our Elders are valued by all our Nations. Please support them by donating to NICOA's mission.


James DeLaCruz
(Member of the Quinault Nation)

For More Information please contact: James DeLaCruz, NICOA Board Chairman
Randella Bluehouse, Executive Director
National Indian Council on Aging, Inc.
One Executive Center
8500 Menaul Blvd. NE, Suite B-470
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Phone: 505-292-2001

National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) is seeking support from Tribal Leaders and Indian Country to advocate for Senior Program Funding in the FY 18 Budget

With the White House budget submission of 5-23-17 many historic cuts and elimination of programs and services for older adults have been proposed.  NICOA is asking that all of Indian Country come together to educate and advocate at the Congressional level on their behalf to make certain that funds are restored as Congress develops their own version of the FY 18 Budget.

Some of the critical programs that need to remain are as follows…

  • Medicaid – Nearly 7 million low-income seniors rely on Medicaid for their health and long-term care.  There is already an impending $839 billion cut to this program through the American Health Care Act. 
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) – Provides a part-time employment opportunity to work 20 hours per week at $10.30/hour.  This income helps supplement many impoverished Native American Elders and provides for their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing to met.
  • Medicare State Health Insurance Assistance Program –Supports 15,000 counselors who provide free assistance to elders through Tribal Area Agencies on Aging.
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program – Assists Low-income Elders in paying their heating and cooling costs in critical weather.
  • Block Grants – Funding to improve economic security and independence for low-income families and seniors.  Services like home care, congregate and home delivered meals, transportation and protective services.
  • Senior Corps and AmeriCorps – Programs that enlist Older Adults for Volunteerism providing valuable hours of service in communities nation wide.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Provides supplemental funding for food for seniors.
  • CDC Falls Prevention – Provides funding for “fall prevention” programs and activities as this is a high risk event for older adults.
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Education – Provides funding for community based workshops for people with chronic conditions.  90% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and two-thirds have two or more.
  • Older Americans Act and Elder Justice Act – Provides funding for Senior Nutrition, Caregiver Support and Elder Justice services.

For More Information please contact: James DeLaCruz, NICOA Board Chairman
Randella Bluehouse, Executive Director
National Indian Council on Aging, Inc.
One Executive Center
8500 Menaul Blvd. NE, Suite B-470
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Phone: 505-292-2001

NIGA-NCAI amicus brief in support of their Petition for Rehearing/Rehearing En Banc in New Mexico v. Department of Interior





NIGA Member Tribes

Chairman Ernest L. Stevens Jr.
Jason C. Giles, Executive Director
Danielle Her Many Horses, Deputy Executive Director/General Counsel

NIGA-NCAI amicus brief in support of their Petition for Rehearing/Rehearing En Banc in New Mexico v. Department of Interior

June 21, 2017

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and Tribal Supreme Court Project are working with the Pueblo of Pojoaque to solicit participation by Indian tribes as signatories to a NIGA-NCAI Tribes amicus brief in support of their Petition for Rehearing/Rehearing En Banc in New Mexico v. Department of Interior.  This case involves the question of whether a Tribe has a viable remedy when a State acts in bad faith during tribal-state gaming compact negotiations and asserts sovereign immunity to suit in federal courts when a Tribe seeks compliance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.   A 3-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that the Part 291 regulations - promulgated by the Secretary of the Interior in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Seminole Tribe - are not a valid exercise of the Secretary's authority under IGRA.  The Tenth Circuit barred the Secretary from taking any further action on the Pojoaque's request for the issuance of gaming procedures under them.

This case has the potential to negatively impact nearly every Tribal-State Gaming Compact being negotiated or subject to renewal.  The decision by the Tenth Circuit gives each State a decisive advantage in negotiations by ignoring the fact that Congress intended Tribes to have a direct remedy when a State chooses to not negotiate in good faith.  NIGA, NCAI and individual Indian tribes are joining together on an amicus brief. The brief will argue that the Part 291 regulations are a valid exercise of the Secretary's authority under the IGRA and 25 U.S.C. § 9; that the Part 291 regulations are consistent with IGRA and Congress' intent in enacting IGRA; and that without the Part 291 regulations, all tribes whose gaming compacts are subject to negotiation or renewal will be without an effective remedy when a State chooses to not negotiate in good faith, a result Congress did not legislate or intend. The Petition for Rehearing/Rehearing En Banc is due on June 20, 2017, and the Amicus Brief in support is due on June 27, 2017.

For tribes interested in participating as a signatory to the NIGA-NCAI Tribes Amicus Brief, please contact Joel Williams at A draft of the Amicus Brief will be available no later than Wednesday, June 21, and will be forwarded upon request.  To join as a signatory, the tribal chairman, designated tribal leader, or tribal attorney must send an email directly to Joel Williams at which clearly states the intent of the Tribe to join as an amicus party, along with the correct name and spelling of the Tribe as it should appear on the brief.   The DEADLINE to join as a signatory on the NIGA-NCAI Tribes Amicus Brief is next Monday, June 26, by 5 p.m. (Eastern).

For further information please contact Jason Giles at 202-548-3810, Danielle Her Many Horses at 202-548-3819, or Joel Williams at 202-785-4166.

Oglala Sioux Tribe to Host the First Annual Great Plains Tribal Leaders' Economic Summit to Promote Governance Strategies for Economic Growth

From the Office of President Scott Weston

Indian nations and tribes were independent sovereigns prior to the formation of the United States, with healthy, vibrant economies, self-sufficient people, and vast territories. Historically, federal Indian policies destroyed our traditional tribal economies, through warfare and the theft of our lands, leaving our people impoverished.

Today, as Indian nations, we must work together to create jobs, revitalize our economies, and promote opportunity and economic self-sufficiency for our people, especially our youth. We need to partner with our neighboring tribes along with the business and nonprofit sectors to explore new markets for our goods and services, to promote education and training for our people to excel in the workforce, and to foster value in Indian country through business skills and hard work.

So, I am pleased to announce that the Oglala Sioux Tribe is convening the First Annual Great Plains Tribal Leaders' Economic Summit in Rapid City, South Dakota from May 8 - 9, 2017 at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel. We have invited Indian nations from throughout the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions to attend our gathering.

The Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona will provide a forum for dialogue through interactive sessions with economic development experts, Federal agencies, and tribal government, community and business leaders. Tribes from North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington are invited to attend this important economic summit. Our summit objectives are:

  • To share examples of innovative governance strategies, best practices, and resources to assist tribal leaders to take the steps necessary to create an environment for successful economic development;
  • To inspire tribal leaders and their economic development teams to explore new approaches to stimulating tribal economies, consistent with cultural contexts; and
  • To provide a forum for tribal leaders in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions to work collaboratively to develop regional economic development strategies.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Center for Indian Country Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and the Bush Foundation are our partners in this historic gathering of tribal government, nonprofit, and business leaders. Please join us for this important event to be part of building a pathway out of poverty for our people.

To register, click here

For more information, visit