TGPN Press Release: Technical Standards for Skill-based Games

The Tribal Gaming Protection Network (TGPN); is honored to announce the Alliance of Tribal Regulators, for the Round Table Discussion on Technical Standards on Skill-based Games. This is a call to action to all tribal leaders and tribal regulators, to attend this ground breaking round table discussion. I strongly encourage you to attend:

When: December 12, 2017
Where: 1721 West Canal St., Milwaukee, WI 53233

Hotel Reservations: 844.217.4100
Special code for lodging FCPGC121217

Tribal regulators have been afforded an opportunity by the Forest County Potawatomi Gaming Commission (FCPGC), to be an active participant in a historic Round Table Discussion on Technical Standards for Skill-based Games. Over the past 30 years, tribes have attained the hands-on knowledge and skillset to be leaders in the gaming industry, to draft documents that will protect the tribe's assets, integrity and public trust of tribes. From this effort, an Alliance was forged, culminating in this forum to gather thoughts, ideas, and input from tribal regulators to finalize suggested technical standards for Indian Country as a whole.

"As Tribal Regulators we need to be diligent on the new evolution of games. With the smart phones and social media we see the future of gaming. The time is now to update our Jurisdictional Standards for these types of games and to be ready to regulate them.  As we know, the Indian Gaming industry is the most regulated, and we have to protect the integrity of the games no matter what they are. So let's unite together, to say that the Indian Gaming Regulators are ready to regulate iGaming."~Ken George Jr., FCPGC Chairman

The TGPN believes we are stronger together, especially when it comes to the advancement of technology. Advancements in applied technology require us to revise and update our regulations and processes to continue protecting the sovereignty of the tribes, to create a level playing field with commercial gaming, and to put regulators in front of casino operations. This is an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and adopt standards for your tribe.

It is our sincere hope that you come join the TGPN, Forest County Potawatomi Gaming Commission, and representatives of attending tribes, to  help make history in Indian Gaming with your participation, feedback, and support. We must never forget that we are stronger together.